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fuck i keep not eating and then i feel sick and then i cant eat because i feel sick and then i feel worse and i also havent been taking care of myself really in a long time and i keep forgetting to take my meds and my room is disgusting and i should prolly take a lot better care of myself but instead im crying i miss feeling okay i really miss it i dont remember when that really was to be honest

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literally everything is making me cry rn??

i saw a post about where Robin Williams and Koko the gorilla are interacting and in the last gif she like takes his hand and basically kisses it and i just… started to tear up

and then i saw that ferguson is kinda starting to turn around and that also made me go teary

and also im just sad… but i kinda thought i was doing better today so far?
but i dont even know
whats wrong with me
seriously like whyyy

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its so scary to be in such a horrible place 

where i can’t think of one thing to make me feel better

that id like to do


its so scary to be so sad and to feel so hopeless


when there aren’t enough words to explain

and besides

i can’t make my tongue and lips move 

in a way to make any coherent string of words let alone a sentence

no reason

yet my mind wanders through every worry

every piece of negativity

and confusion

i feel like I’m in a bubble

with sounds muffled 

and i can feel my heart beating in a way that it almost hurts

everything is unreal

solid is an illusion

nothing is making sense

I’m living in a nightmare

am i even awake?

things are too bright and loud and harsh

explanations unexplainable 

i need help

i need something

i can’t function anymore