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get me out of this cage

this trap

this body

rip it to pieces

and let me out

torn fucked up flesh

sorrowful sinew



open me up

open me up

and let me out

unconscious living

tablets and fantasy

better than wakeful

open-eyed casualty

all too familiar

deja vu tragedy

simple silence sets me off

quietly whispering

sweet nothings

from serotonin to lost receptor

and back again 

backwards again

spiraling deep

into caverns filled with claws



dragging me under

into myself

tucked away

tightly packed

no escape

i can feel you



on my left ventricle

sending a message

of breath

one more tap

could crack the fragile shell ive constructed

pitter pat heartbeats

i dont want you to see

open me up

let me out

rip me to pieces

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Valentino Pre Spring 2014

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